Bank Tracker Bot Review

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Bank Tracker Bot Review !! It is a SCAM!!

In today’s article, we’re going to expose Bank Tracker Bot scam. It is a binary trading application which is created by alleged Micheal George and his target is to capture more and more novice trader. He assures that his trading application is too smart and provides you success rate of 98.7%.

But we know that like most of the trading application, Bank Tracker Bot is also a SCAM and we want our readers to read this review before creating an account on this binary options trading system. Yes, we know that his trading app can achieve a winning rate of 98.7% which is huge and chances are very high that you can earn a great profit in a day or in few minutes. But don’t fall for it.

Believe us, we have done deep research about Bank Tracker Bot and what we found will definitely shock you. This trading system is a SCAM and the primary target is new users who want to become rich over a night and don’t have much knowledge about trading systems, especially SCAM one’s.

But it’s our duty to help our reader and for that, we do deep research about all the trading systems and share evidence which proves them genuine or SCAM. In the case of Bank Tracker Bot, we have no doubt that it’s a SCAM. In the upcoming line you will read about all facts and proofs, but first, why don’t you read a little about what is Bank Tracker Bot and who is a creator of this SCAM trading app.

What is Bank Tracker Bot?

Bank Tracker Bot is an auto trading app which is recently released by alleged owner Micheal George. According to him, he wants to give a chance to new users who want to earn some quick money. He also shared that the application he created is so clever that he can beat any bank in their own game. The credit of this cleverness goes to the algorithm on which this software is based. He claims that this trading app can provide you Winning rate of 98.7% and which is high.

Micheal George also shared that Bank Tracker Bot is the reason now she has a 25-year-old wife. We were is a doubt that why he is mentioning his wife here? Of course, we are not interested in knowing how much his wife loves him. All we want to know is the truth behind Bank Tracker Bot which includes what BTB software stands for, why he’s offering this application for free and related.

Why is Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM? – Bank Tracker Bot Review Points

So without wasting a single second, why don’ you start reading the proofs which forced us to think this binary options trading system a SCAM. Here goes the first one:

No Identity of Micheal George

The first thing which we always do is look for the identity of the owner who have created the software and like most of the SCAM trading app, we didn’t find anything about Micheal George. He’s fictitious character with no investment details. If he’s earning great amount then he would be featured on the popular news sites for sure. Now, this forces us to call Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM.

Looks like Lottery in form of Trading System

If you check the official website of Bank Tracker Bot, you will find a statement that assures you that by participating in this binary trading system you can make $3050 or above in a week. Now when we checked the work “participating” in the sentence we got a signal of suspiciousness.

Now, this makes us think that Bank Tracker Bot trading system is some kind of lottery in the form of trading and participant don’t even know how much they’re going to earn after investing money. Even there is not guarantee that they will definitely win. Now users who’re into this business will definitely not invest in this system because after reading the following sentence they will be sure that it’s a SCAM.

Why users limited to earn $3050?

As shared above this clever software have winning rate of 98.7 which is huge, why all the users are restricting themselves to $3050 when they can earn great profit. If this software has great potential of earning good money, we don’t see any reason to settle for less.

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Software is not free as mentioned on the site

On the website, you will see a message that George is already making huge amount using this trading app and he wants to provide free licenses to users so that they can also join this trading system and good money. But the truth is that this software is not available for free and you have to pay $250 into the account of the broker to start trading. So there is nothing new in this. The motive is to get the attraction of more and more users.

Why they need more and more users is because more the users add $250 to the account of a broker, more commission they will earn from the broker. Now where is the profit of innocent users here?

All this confirms that this trading app is nothing but a SCAM.

Fake Positive Reviews

Like most of the fake or SCAM trading apps, Bank Tracker Bot is also using fake users to provide positive feedback about the app so that more and more user believe it and start signing up for it.

Fake Trade Results

While checking a website you will also see a live trade showing you some great wins, but like fake reviewer all these stuff is also fake.

Site has low trust rate

If you search about Bank Tracker Bot on the internet you will see that genuine forums and some good authority site also calling this app a SCAM. Instead of investing in this scam software, you can invest in Binadroid software or Copy Buffett software.

Our Opinion

We have provided you enough proofs you call Bank Tracker Bot a SCAM and we recommend all our users to stay away from it because the only reason they exist is to SCAM.

In case you still want to try this binary options trading system go ahead we guarantee you will get nothing but a SCAM. Don’t forget your experience with us in the comments.

Bank Tracker Bot Review

Bank Tracker Bot Review: Even though binary options trading is a very lucrative means of making money online, the actual act of the business is very tough and challenging. This is due to the many elements that are required to make one a successful and accomplished trader. This challenge has given rise to different kinds of signal systems and automated binary softwares for combining these elements in the right mix. Bank Tracker Bot is among such systems and option robot softwares which traders can choose from.

The trading software promises to make you a millionaire within a little period of time. The promotional video which parades so many items of luxury which money can buy, seems to be intended to lure you into signing up to the platform.

This review is intended to lay Bank Tracker Bot software bare for you to see. It is intended to give you all necessary information so that you become better informed. By the end of the article you should be able to decide whether you should go with and invest in the system or not.

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    Bank Tracker Bot Review

    Bank Tracker Bot is an online binary options trading system software. The system’s professional looking but not user-friendly website is mainly dominated by a presentation video aimed at marketing the system to traders. According to the video, the system has an algorithm that is very perfect at trading stocks of low volatility. For the given low volatility reason, the system focuses more on bank stocks because they are considered to be more stable than other options (is that actually true?).

    Bank Tracker Bot

    Mr. Michael George, who is the presenter that walks you through the promotional video, claims that the app was built by Steve, an old friend from his college days. He claims that Steve saw the financial condition he was in then decided to share the software with him. Apart from this, there is no other instance either in the video or on the website where he mentions his friend’s name again. This is an inconsistency that should make an experienced trader begin to look at the system more closely.

    There are so many claims for the system in the promotional video. Mr. Michael just continues to show off how rich he has become by using the software. He does not take any time to explain how the system really works to traders. This seems like an intentional act to activate the greed that is inherent in every individual. The fact that he flaunts all the ‘supposed’ luxuries and a young wife he has been able to acquire might appeal to some inexperienced traders. But do not let all the ‘sweet talk’ fool you. There is more to binary options trading than signing up to a system and just sitting down to watch the money start flowing in.

    To show you the truth of trading binary options being beyond just signing up to a system, the major inconsistencies that were noticed with the Bank Tracker Bot system shall be discussed.

    Bank Tracker Bot Website

    Although the Banker Tracker Bot website appears to have been designed and built by a professional, it is not user-friendly at all. The presentation and marketing video sits on most of the homepage with a sign up field taking up the right side of the page. There is a field for entering your name, another for entering your email address before you then click on the sign up button which has ‘START MAKING MONEY NOW!’ written on it. Does the sentence on the button mean you begin making the money immediately after clicking the button? This is one of the small issues that most scams overlook when creating their marketing materials and package.

    There are many things that are glaringly inconsistent on the website. On first arriving on the website’s homepage, the first thing you notice is the denigrating ‘warning’ you see on the face of the video screen. What an irony. Do you think that any trader who reads and understands the meaning of the warning very well will sign up to the system? Some aspects of such schemes are just meant to create confusion so the trader does not evaluate the system with a clear head.

    These are not the only inconsistencies in the whole Bank Tracker Bot system. There are so many that in fact, space might not permit that all be mentioned and scrutinized one after the other. However, the article shall take a critical look at all the major ones that need to be considered.

    • 100% Free: The website indicates that the software is 100% free. Is this really so? In reality, it is not free at all as you have to pay the minimum deposit before you are even taken to the software page. This means you do not even get to see the software until after you have paid the minimum deposit.
    • Member Testimonials: All the members purported to have given testimonials on the website are identities that were made-up. From ‘Andrew Fischer’ right down to ‘Tamara West from Canada’, all are pictures gotten from free stock photo sites online. As proof, just perform a Google image search for the pictures and see the number of advertising agencies that come up with the same pictures.
    • Social Media Feeds: Both the Twitter and Facebook news feeds on the website are fabricated. If they were real, then you should be redirected to the users’ accounts when you click on their names. The names not being clickable means that all the comments cannot be verified.
    • Endorsements: The system’s website carries several endorsements of the software by many extremely reputable and respected brands. The endorsing brands even include those that do not operate in the financial industry. A visit to the websites of all of these big brands did not show any sign of endorsement or any information in regards to, any connection whatsoever to the software. Nothing was said about the software on any of the websites. This shows that the creators of the system have used the names and images of these brands without any form of express permission.
    • Performance Awards: The website also claims that the software was awarded with the ‘Best Trading Solution’ award for 2020. There is no mention of the person or agency that gave the award or any award seal on the site. Moreover, the website was already displaying the ‘purported award’ for 2020 when the year had barely gone halfway. Even laymen know that annual awards are given at the end of every year.
    • Support: There is nowhere on the website where any information in regards to how you can contact any support staff was given. One would have expected that contact details of the creator of the system will be posted on the site. The website should have contained at least an email form and an online chat platform. All these would have enabled all members that have any questions or concerns to have people they can contact.

    Bank Tracker Bot Promotions

    These are the major inconsistencies on the system’s website. In addition to the ‘denigrating warning’ on the face of the presentation video, there are other inconsistencies as far as the video is concerned.

    • Story: Michael begins the video presentation by flaunting how Steve his college friend shared the software with him. After all the impressive and confusing part of how he invested and re-invested, the story’s timeline gets very confusing and that seems like the real intent behind the story. Additionally, is it really possible for him to have made all that money considering, he was just ‘randomly’ called by a friend and was coming from a background that lacks any trading knowledge or experience whatsoever.
    • Success Rate: The video claims a 98.7% + success rate for the software. This is very unrealistic. The binary options markets are known to be so unpredictable and volatile that it is virtually impossible to consistently forecast them beyond 80%. There are just so many factors that influence trading success that you cannot accurately forecast trends. This means that forecasting trends to be almost 100% accurate is a very tall dream even for the best known software.
    • Experience: The video promises that you do not need any prior knowledge or experience of binary options trading to make huge profits with the system. Granted, trading robots are meant to make trading easier and faster for traders. But many other elements like a working knowledge of trading terms and language, time and investment capital are all necessary to make any meaningful profits from the market.
    • Earnings Claims: The claim of the thousands of dollars which the presenter says you can make consistently on a weekly basis in the video is unverified. There is no real proof anywhere either in the video or on the system’s website for such earnings. It seems like the very popular ploy of trading robot scams for getting people to sign up to their systems.

    Michael George

    Mr. Michael George himself who is the presenter of the presentation video is an inconsistency in the system. If he has made as much as he claims, has bought all the luxuries he claims to have bought, has married a 25 years old beauty as he claims to have done, why is it that nothing has ever been heard of him in the financial world? Such celebrity status incidences never go unnoticed in the financial world. There is no provision for contacting the presenter either through chat, email or phone anywhere on the website or in the video. In fact, even social media channels do not have any records of him. So, what do you say of a person who has made it but still wants to hide as if making it is a shameful thing or crime? It seems like his identity was just made up to promote the system. A Google search for his identity returned no matches. This makes it sound as if the man is avoiding being linked to his creation in real life. The only reason that could make it so is if he already knows that his system is a scam.


    All of the earnings claims and testimonials posted on the website and contained in the promotion video are unverified. Is they were actually legitimate, then they system should have added a means of verifying them for those that might want to eliminate doubt. One of the ways for doing this is making the names of members who have posted testimonials clickable. The link is then made to redirect back to their social media account pages. This is to enable those that want to verify their claims to contact them directly.


    This review is not intended to label the Bank Tracker Bot software as a scam directly. But a useful and functional trading system will never create an unverified list of members or, fabricate fake user testimonials just because it wants to appear credible. Take the Option Robot binary options trading software for an example. It just lets the results speak for themselves.

    Option Robot is a binary options auto trading software. It is popular because it offers excellent service to traders. Unlike the scam systems, you can choose the broker that best suits you and your goals. You can even bring your own broker to the platform if you already had one before signing onto the platform.

    You are given a basic explanation of how the robot works from the beginning to the end. You get a real explanation of how the robot’s algorithm works.

    Option Robot’s customer support can never be compared to any other in the whole binary options trading sector. Support representatives are always on the alert at any time of the day to answer any questions or concerns you have.

    In a nutshell, the Option Robot binary options trading software is a complete package. It is a system that will always ensure that you keep advancing as a trader both in trading experience and profits.

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    The binary options market is one of the most attractive in the capital market. The seductive strengths of binary options are based on the idea of making money in a relaxed way from home along a regular job. The binary options market is highly entertaining, and traders have a lot of fun especially if they are on a winning streak. The market is risky, edgy, and volatile, which means that each trading experience can turn into a real adventure. The only setback is that regulators have a hard time to track down the various fraudsters. The latest trend is selling options robots which are advertised all over the internet and promise more than they can keep.

    Bank Tracker Bot is also one of such robots which sounds too good to be true. Well, some traders, even when they are aware of the different scams, sometimes decide to give it a try and test the options tool at high costs. In order not to fall for Bank Tracker Bot, we prepared the review below to identify the status of this robot, scam or not?

    Basic information:

    Cost: Free
    Software: 100% Automated
    Max Returns: Up to 88%
    Minimum Deposit: $250
    Countries: All nations

    • Easy see-through system
    • Inconsistent explanations
    • False information
    • Lack of trading strategies on which the robot is based

    BinaryMinery Verdict:

    Not Reliable Service

    What Is Bank Tracker Bot?

    Let us rewind to the very beginning of the story with the founder and his friend. All of the robot stories sound similar with a dramatic outcome that changed the life of the founder. The founder, Steve, calls his former high-school friend Michael George and askes Michael to invest in his new tools called the Bank Tracker Bot. After long negotiations, Michael tried out the tool and won a lot of money multiple times. A person who has never traded a day in their life and who has no clue about options trading suddenly turned to a successful trader with the help of this robot tool. This story alone sounds unbelievable.

    The presentation video (where Michael takes the role of the presenter) is also distracting the attention from the important things. Michael seems to be more concerned to show off his Maserati and brag about his 25-year old wife than really to talk about the robot’s performance in the video. Well, he does talk about his profits and earning $6000 in the first couple of months. He clearly states in the video that no knowledge, no education, no trading strategies are necessary to earn the big bucks with binary options. When your common sense tells you that this is not possible, then, better believe it, because it is not. Mr. George also claims that you only need two or three hours a day to make this kind of money.

    The presenter claims that the robot is free, but you will probably be required to deposit a certain amount after you register. The video is highly suspicious to us, and we do not believe in Michael’s story because he does not provide enough information on the approach of the robot and how the system works.


    How Does It Work?

    The only information on the robot we have got is as follows; according to the presenter, the Bank Tracker Bot operates on a system which monitors the bank stocks. According to the developer, it is easier to follow and crack the code to bank stocks since they are less volatile. Even if this story does not make sense, the inconsistencies in the story get even worse. Namely, Michael claims that the software is not processing data or making market analyses, which raises the question how does the system work then?

    We also have to inform you that the Bank Tracker Bot trades only currencies and not bank stocks as the inventor claims. Traders should be aware that no one can win money in any industry they are unfamiliar with; a trader simply has to know the market to know how to act, and there is no machine that can change that.

    Final Conclusion: Is Bank Tracker Bot a Scam?

    The Bank Tracker Bot is simply a scam which becomes most obvious thanks to the inconsistent story of the presenter. Scammers always tend to come off as successful millionaires which should distract traders from the real deal. Also, their explanations about things that matter are very limited, inconsistent and confusing. We call upon all options traders not to fall for any of these tricks.

    Bank Tracker Bot is just one of the many scamming inventions which will deplete your account balance. Consider yourself warned against Michael George and his imaginary friend Steve and their Bank Tracker Bot creation.

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