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Viswasam Received ‘U’ Certification, Fans are in Celebration Mode!

Viswasam - Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar's upcoming movie Viswasam has been granted by the Censor Certificate.

Ajith has acted in the movie Viswasam directed by Siva. This is Ajith - Siva's fourth film to be released in a coalition. The movie was already confirmed to be released on the Pongal Festival on January 15 by the production team.

Recently, the songs of the film were released in social networks and gone viral. Following this, now the film's censor certificate is released. The film has been awarded 'U' censor certificate.

What's special about this is that even a scene in the movie is not deleted. This news has made Ajith fans happy. This is followed by Twitter's #ViswasamCensoredU, #ViswasamPongal2019 hashtags are going national level trends. And the new stills of Viswasam is also going viral after released on the internet.

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