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EZTrader (Inactive) Review

EZTrader (Inactive)

Broker EZTrader (Inactive)
US Traders Accepted
Company Name WGM Services Ltd.
Headquarters 48 Themistokli Dervi Avenue, Nicosia 1066, Cyprus
Regulation CySEC, license #203/13
Bonus Type Deposit bonus
Bonus Size $1,200
Max Payout 95%
Out-of-Money Reward 15%
Trading Platform EZTrader
Deposit Options Credit/debit cards, wire transfer, Skrill
Deposit Currencies USD, EUR and GBP
Minimum Deposit $200
Minimum Trade $25
Maximum Trade $3,000
Online Since 2008
Trading Instruments Indices, stocks, commodities, currencies
Number of Trading Instruments 80
Binary Option Types Call/Put (High/Low), long term trades
Customer Support Types Web form, toll free phone number or live chat
Education Offered A simple tutorial for using the site, an Education section which is really just a short article about binary trading, a Glossary, and a Magazine, which is more or less a blog with fairly general advice and ideas.
Commission $25 processing fee
Languages English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish
Demo Account No

EZTrader is no longer operating as a binary options broker. The review presented below is no longer applicable and is presented for archive purpose only.

EZTrader is a binary options platform that has been around since 2008; that’s practically old by binary options standards. EZTrader is owned and operated by WGM Services Ltd., the same company that operates Global Option. Global Option and EZTrader share the same platform, which also is called EZTrader. The company is headquartered in Cyprus and has recently applied for CySEC regulation. Just like Global Option, EZTrader’s doors are open to US traders. If you’re familiar with the platform from Global Option, you already know your way around EZTrader.

Opening an Account with EZTrader

Registering with EZTrader is much the same as registering with Global Option. There is no fee for signing up for an account, and you can get a look at the trading area once you’ve opened your account and verified it. You do need to make a deposit to start trading; there is still no demo account available for EZTrader. If you try to place a trade without making a deposit, you’ll be told that in order to continue, you’ll need sufficient funds in your account. We always say this, but if you’re going to trade binary options, you should seriously try to demo test first, even on another platform. Then you can trade live with some better idea of what you’re doing and how your method’s going to translate into real life. It’d be much better if EZTrader had a demo account, but this is still not a common feature among binary options brokers.

The bonus amounts for EZTrader are significantly higher than the ones offered at Global Option. Whereas you get a 25 percent bonus for depositing $500 (or your currency’s equivalent) on your first trading day over at Global Option, at EZTrader, you get a 40 percent bonus. It only takes a deposit of $1,000 to get a 50 percent bonus (this is the same at Global Option). If you deposit $2,000, you get a 60 percent bonus. It’s important to note that if you want to claim your bonus, you do need to turn over a trading volume of 25 times the amount of the bonus (that’s a big caveat, but shouldn’t be unmanageable if you know what you’re doing, which hopefully you do).

The minimum trade size is $25.00, and the maximum trade size per single trade is $3,000, which is higher than many binary options brokers! Not only that, but you can also trade a single option in two separate trades, for $6,000 total. While you cannot exceed $6,000 per security, you may have up to $12,000 in trades running within a given expiry period on multiple assets. For traders who have large bankrolls, this is great. The trade limitations on a lot of other platforms seem much more constrictive. This also makes this platform a better long-term option for traders who are starting small but eventually hope and plan to be making larger trades in the future. You can win up to 95 percent on a trade (that’s not an average), and get up to 15 percent back on a losing trade. There are no trading fees, and the only fee listed on the site is $25 for wire transfer withdrawals.

More than 80 different underlying financial securities are available to trade, but as with Global Option, EZTrader is pretty limited as far as types of options go. Long-term trades are available, but no 60-second options. The only type of trade seems to be Call/Put (High/Low). We did not find any other types of trades like Double No Touch which can give traders more flexibility. It’d be great if EZTrader would work on this aspect of their service, as it’s pretty lacking. The EZTrader interface is intuitive, straightforward, and simplistic, as its name implies.

Customer Support and Resources

24/7 customer support is available. Options for getting in touch with the company include toll-free phone, web form, or live chat (note that the chat desk is not staffed on weekends). It’s great that you can contact the company any time of day and that there are multiple avenues you can reach through, since customer service is more important when it comes to investing your money than it is with pretty much anything else.

As far as educational resources go, EZTrader offers more or less the bare minimum. There is a simple, brief tutorial on how to use the site. It comes with pictures and anyone should be able to understand it. There is a section labeled Education, though it contains nothing more than a brief article about binary trading (the contents of which by now you should already know), a glossary with basic terms, and a Magazine. The Magazine is similar to the “Weekly Overview” at Global Option. It’s a series of blog articles that are printed on a regular basis to provide you with some general advice and tips on binary options trading. While it’s a good resource, it’s definitely aimed at beginners, not at experienced traders.

Finally, a quick technical note: for whatever reason, there seem to be login issues as of the time of this review with Google Chrome. The login works fine with Opera, but when we attempted to log in using Chrome, the site simply reloaded without us logged in. So you may want to avoid using Chrome with EZTrader for now.


It’s hard to figure out what the real difference is between Global Option and EZTrader. They run on the same platform, they offer the same assets and the same types of binary options, and their fees, deposit methods, and other mechanics are almost identical. The only differences we found were the differences in educational tools (the Magazine is a bit more useful than the Weekly Overview, but you can access both without being a paying customer at either site), and a slight difference in bonuses. The bonuses at EZTrader seem to be slightly higher.

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EZTrader has some real drawbacks in that it doesn’t have anything but Call/Put and long-term trading, but it does offer a nice advantage in terms of the maximum trade size. We’ve seen other sites that only allow you to trade $2,500 at the upper end. That isn’t that useful past a certain point. So if you are a trader who has a large bankroll, you may find EZTrader more useful than some other platforms. If you’re looking for a wide range of binary option types however, you’ll find better brokers out there.

EZTrader (Inactive) , 6.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings


EZTrader are no longer solvent and should be avoided. Please visit out broker page for an alternative broker.

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EZTrader were one of the original binary options brokers. They began operating in 2008. Based in Cyprus (and regulated by CySec) they still develop their own in-house trading platform. Their unique trading platform has meant they can remain a world leader among binary options firms, ensuring they always improve their service. EZ Trader take great pride in their bespoke platform, and their customer service.

EZTrader have strong partners with football clubs. They were trading partners of Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, and AIK, and they are official trading firm for Tottenham Hotspur. They involve traders too, as EZTrader run promotions and draws involving match tickets and signed items.

Here are some key details regarding EZTrader;

  • EZTrader Demo Account – Yes.
  • Minimum Deposit – £50
  • Minimum trade – £10
  • Signals service – Yes. EZtrader Live Signal Service
  • Bonus details – Up to 100% depending on deposit size.
  • Mobile App – Yes. Available across all platforms.

How to Use EZtrader Platform

EZtrader provide a unique, simple and clean trading platform. Due to the platform being a bespoke product, the trading area is unique in it’s look and feel. The choice of options are listed along the top of the trading area in tabs. Once clicked, the screen below updates the price graph below.

Clients use drop down lists to select the asset class (commodities, currencies, indices and stocks) Assets are also further organised based on global trading markets. If trading in a particular area is closed, those assets will be unavailable. Once selected, the trader can use another list to find the specific assets. The payout and expiry fields will update based on the asset selected – and the expiry time can be changed as desired.

Once the values have been set, the price graph in the main part of the trading area will update again. The scale (time period) of the graph can be set, with timescales ranging from 5 minute intervals to daily. The trading buttons are found to the left of the graph, with clear green ‘up’ and red ‘down’ arrows for making bids and offers. Traders enter the value of the trade in the field between the arrows. This will then update the investment and return fields, so traders can see the terms of the trade.

Open trades are listed below, traders can go to use the SellOption from this area – if they want to.

EZTrader Options

EZTrader offer a full list of trading options for their clients, plus the unique SellOption process.

  • Binary options – The traditional up/down trade. Will the price of an asset go up, or come down?
  • Sell Option – The EZTrader SellOption feature allows traders to “cash in” their position. This means profits can be taken on winning positions, and losses cut where the trade has not worked out.
  • 60 seconds – These trades are standard binary options – but over very short time scales.
  • Daily/Weekly – Again, the same as standard binary options. These expiries extend over days or weeks.
  • Long term – As the name suggests, these are standard binary options, but with long term expiries (months). The down side here is that EZTrader generally only offer one side of the trade – not both.

EZtrader Mobile App

EZTrader offer a free trading app to compliment the full website. The EZtrader app is compatible across all formats.

Ease of use has been at the forefront of the design, to ensure trading is still quick, easy and accurate. All of the 120+ assets that can be traded online are on the mobile app too.

The application is secure, with the latest financial mobile technology protocols applied. Deposits can be made across a number of methods. This ensures traders are able to react quickly to changing markets or updates.

Open trades and account balance are available on the app. There are also areas delivering news and events, plus market movers and other trader alerts.

The app is quick and easy to use. This allows real trading while on the move. It has also gained good reviews from users who have rated it. (4.0 out of 5.0 from over 800+ reviews).

Trading Choice

EZtrader offer options on forex, commodities, stocks and indices. The main range is stocks. EZtrader offer stock from the Europe, the US and across Asia. The ranges elsewhere may not be the largest in the sector, but all the major assets are there.


EZTrader deliver returns of between 75% and 95% on options. This rate can change based on the asset and expiry time. For example, long term options might offer returns larger than 400%, based on how far ahead the expiry is.

EZtrader Withdrawal options

EZTrader offer a large range of deposit methods. The location on the trader will affect which options are available. The minimum deposit (for funding a new account) is £200.

Withdrawals via EZtrader require accounts to be verified before a withdrawal can be made. Verification can be done at any time. Delays in these steps can lead to delays in withdrawals so verify accounts early to avoid these delays.

Once an account is verified, withdrawals are be made by the ‘My Account’ screens. As with most brokers, EZTrader will only allow withdrawals by credit card to reach the same amount as was paid in via that card. Any profit beyond this must be taken out via a different method. This follows most firms and is part of money laundering safeguards.

Wire transfer refunds incur a £15 fee. These withdrawals take around a week to complete. This is too long, so it something EZTrader need to look at.

Other features

EZTrader offers its clients the following features and benefits:

  • EZPay Meter – A nice rebate feature which allows active traders to rewards
  • New education packages – A full range of education tool have been added in recent weeks.
  • EZDay – These are regular bonuses made available to frequent traders.

EZTrader Demo Video:

Asset Index

Here is a full list of the assets available at EZTrader.

EZTrader Broker Review

�� Demo Account:
⚖ Allows Hedging:
�� Allows Scalping:
�� Headquarters: Cyprus
�� Founded:
�� Trading Platform(s):
�� Regulating Authority(s):
�� Minimum Deposit: 200
�� Maximum Leverage:

Visit EZTrader
Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

Our Review of EZTrader

Established in 2008, EZTrader is one of the most recognised online binary options trading platforms. It is currently managed by WGM Services Limited with offices located out of Cyprus.

The Types of Accounts Offered

There are currently four different types of accounts offered by EZTrader and these will primarily revolved around the specific strategy of the investor. These are:

  • Long-term
  • Sell Options
  • Binary Options
  • 60 Seconds

Each is associated with a minimum order size of 25 lots and the maximum value allowed for any single holding is $2,500 dollars (or the equivalent in another currency such as the euro).

Promotions and Bonuses

EZTrader offers numerous types of bonuses and the company should be contacted to learn of any new promotions. However, players can nonetheless enjoy some standard amenities immediately after registration. Those who make an initial deposit of $500 dollars can enjoy a matched bonus of $250 dollars. Another programme known as a “trading meter” will track personal trading volumes throughout the day. If this level reaches a certain threshold, the investor will be provided with a bonus of up to $100 dollars.

Fees and Commissions

One of the most beneficial aspects of this platform is that no fees or commissions are charged for trades. This is the primary reason why returns as high as 95 per cent can be enjoyed on occasion. Refunds for out-of-money positions can likewise reach 15 per cent; a figure not often associated with other binary options portals. However, we should note that a fee of €15 euros will need to be paid by those who employ wire withdrawals.

The Trading Platform

EZTrader utilises a proprietary online trading system simply known as EZTrader. Similar in some ways to Meta Trader 4, this platform centrally displays all important metrics. These include (but are not limited to) call and put positions, current trading volume, account balances and open trades. We should also note that a smartphone-friendly system known as EZMobile is great for those who require remote access while out and about. This platform is compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

EZTrader offers similar deposit and withdrawal options when compared to the other main brokers. Wire transfers, PayPal and Neteller are all acceptable methods. Most major credit cards are accepted. EZTrader also accepts Skrill accounts for those who wish to transfer money within shorter time frames.

Regulations and Security

EZTrader is currently regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the licence number 203/13. Thus, investors can rest assured that they are dealing with a trustworthy organisation. This platform is quite secure and utilises SSL encryption; important for those who might be concerned about their personal data. EZTrader is one of the most respected binary options trading platforms on the market and this reputation is likely to continue into the future.

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