FXMasterBot Review Reveal FXMasterBot Scam Or Not

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FXMasterBot Review: Reveal FXMasterBot Scam Or Not

Reviewed By Binoption

FXMasterBot Review: Reveal FXMasterBot Scam Or Not

FXMasterBot Review – Trusted Forex Robot: FXMaster Bot is a free WEB-based trading software powering a user-friendly trading platform for both Cryptocurrency and Forex currency pairs in 13 European languages.

They started their journey in December 2020. The platform is independent.

This automated trading software was developed by a team, who has an experience of over 20 years in the financial markets.

To use FXMasterBot on mobile devices and desktop computers, traders don’t need to download apps or software.

The ‘robot’ software collects financial market data and sends signals that are recommendations to trade, directly to the dashboard of the trading platform.

Traders can decide whether to implement the signals, automatically or manually, on the trading platform available only to FXMaster Bot clients.

But to know more about this automated trading robot and why we recommend it as safe and secure, you can read the full review below.

FXMasterBot Review: Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading Robot

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

The ‘brainchild’ of several experienced Forex traders, this trading software provides a progressive trading experience from the ‘newbie’ level right up to the trading pro.

The evolving nature of the software sets the FXMasterBot apart from other Forex trading Robots reviewed by us.

Trading strategies are very unique. It provides more features, more options and more opportunities for traders.

The outstanding feature of this robot is that it’s not provided through a single broker.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    Best Choice!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!!!

In fact, it is an independent, free software giving customers who register a trading account on its website, a choice of 10+ brokers to deposit with.

A key point to remember is that the brokers are a ‘mixed bag’ of licensed Forex or Cryptocurrency brokers and unlicensed brokers.

And it’s left up to the customers to decide which broker suits their individual requirements.

Recently, they have upgraded their software to be more in line with recent regulations that ensure traders protection.

Why FXMasterBot

Here are some reasons you can choose FXMasterBot for Forex and Cryptos auto trading –

  • Minimum Deposit $250
  • Multiple regulated and unregulated brokers
  • 17 Forex pairs
  • 5 Cryptocurrency pairs
  • Take profit/ Stop loss
  • Multiple Device Supported
  • FREE Signals
  • 5500+ Winning Trades
  • Advanced Trade Settings
  • No Download Required
  • Professional and sophisticated Trading Algorithm

FXMasterBot – Demo Account

Demo account is suitable for all types of traders to know the trading platform more precisely.

After opening a demo account, the trader gets a minimum amount of virtual money which will not bring a real profit for you. However, it will give you a priceless experience.

This signal platform previously offered a FREE demo account for five days with simulated trades on their authentic trading platform.

Currently, FXMasterBot does not offer a demo account for its traders. However, Some of their brokers offer a demo account.

You will need to deposit to access their automated trading signals, but you can always contact your broker on whether they can make a demo account available for you or not.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Sign Up and Login Process

Opening an account is easy and hassle-free. You can open a FREE account with this trading software.

The process is described below:

Click on the ‘Website’ to start your registration process.

You will find a registration form mentioning “Open FREE Account”, enter your first name, last name, phone number, email address, and password.

They will automatically connect you with the selected broke.

Click on the checkbox that asks you to confirm that you want to receive the newsletter and special offer notices along with the terms and conditions.

Re-check all your information and then click on the “JOIN NOW” button.

You will receive a mail to confirm your subscription to “FXMasterBot”

After completing the account creation, a minimum deposited amount is needed to run your trading.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading


If you already have an account with this trading software then you will simply click on the “Login” button.

To log in into your account, just use your email address and password.

After login into the platform, you will see a compatible broker’s list. The broker will vary country to country.

Integrating with your current broker is not possible. So, you have to choose brokers from their list.

Traders don’t need to create a new email and password for each and every broker.

You can Log in with multiple brokers at the same time but to perform trade you have to choose one broker.

You can switch from one broker to another broker for trading.

Live Trading Account

FXMasterBot does not offer any trading account types for their traders. The trading account types depends on the brokers.

Each broker has their own account types for customers with varying degrees of trading experience, where each account operates with specific parameters.

After signing up, a broker’s account in your name will be automatically created.

You can also trade with multiple brokers and switch between brokers as you like for optimum experience.

Traders need to activate the trading robot by depositing $250. Depositing with a broker will permit this platform to place a trade on behalf of you.

A free trading signal will help you to analyze the trading market.

All tools and instruments provided by the robot are for managing and optimizing the placement of your trades.

You have to set these trading features that will be the best for you. Note that, this software offers manual trading with automatically generated signals.

Of course, customers registering with FXMasterBot can decide for themselves at what level they want to begin.

Importantly, there’s no obligation to start at the lowest level and work up. If you are a novice trader, then start trading with just the simplest assets.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Customer Support

As a registered trader at FXMasterBot you can count on customer support during trading hours whatever your account type.

Live chat is available directly on the interface of the trading platform.

Besides this when the agents are absent you are asked to leave a message, so they can send an email with a response to your query when they return.

Their customer support is always active for traders. The support team is reliable and happy to answer all your questions.

Except for the live chat, you can also reach them through Email [email protected].

Payment Methods

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

We were not able to access the details of payment methods offered to customers. Multiple brokers are partnering with the free software provider.

Payment methods depend on each broker. Brokers handle all the user’s funds. It only provides the software.

However, their saying is that all payment methods are 100% secure, irrespective of the broker selected and it gives a few examples of the payment methods traders can expect to find when they sign up.

These include the credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well as the globally renowned digital payment provider PayPal.

Based on our extensive experience of reviewing online brokers, we can say with confidence that online brokers typically offer customers the possibility of a bank wire transfer, multiple digital payment methods as well as the option of using globally

Is FXMasterBot Scam ?

They designed their automated trading platform for the real forex and crypto traders.

The trading robot earned its popularity as the best automated-trading software in 2020.

Traders will find numerous positive reviews about FXMasterBot after they upgraded their service to make it safer for traders.

Comparing with other forex and crypto robots, there are a few things you will notice that makes this robot platform unique. Do not take our word for it; you can see by yourself.

  • No fake testimonial in their website
  • They do not promise any percentage at winning rate
  • No guarantees of performance results
  • No fake videos on trading results
  • All the trading algorithm is sophisticated

So traders, after reading our FXMasterBot Review, hopefully, you already understand why this Forex Robot is reliable, especially for beginners.

It has helped Thousands of Men and Women become masters in the trading field.

Those who are seeking for trusted Forex robot as their trading partner can try this signal generating platform.

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FXMasterBot Review :- Is Scam Or Legit Master Bot ? Important Update

December 20, 2020 By Shane

FXMasterBot is being presented on the market as a solution that aids men and women become masters in the trading field within a short period of time. It can adequately guide a member to the top of the ladder, no matter their level of experience. The FXMasterBot strategy is very unique, hence why we are bringing you the following FXMasterBot review.

What Are the Features and Advantages of the FXMasterBot Automated Trading Robot?

There are more than a handful of features and advantages that a person can benefit when opting for the FXMasterBot system. When it comes to features, this method offers the most advanced trade settings available on the market. It provides more features, more options, and more opportunities. Depending on the trading level, the more complex the strategies will be. With the FXMasterBot software, the trading field can be your oyster.

There is the demo mode! This means that one does not have to risk any money until one is 100% ready to do so. If you were asking yourself “How does the FXMasterBot work?” then this feature can definitely aid in knowing every aspect of its function. If you prefer to trade on mobile, you will easily be able to do so with this method as long as you have a smartphone. Every member obtains the same type of experience on their phone as if they were utilizing their computer.

One of the main advantages is its simple structure. It was structured in a very simple way in order not to cause any type of confusion, which is an issue that often arises on other platforms, hence why so many people end up choosing other options. It does not matter the amount of experience that you have. Other advantages are that it is web-based and free, different settings can be used to have full control, by topping leaderboards monthly cash prizes can be obtained, and you will be able to choose the level that you believe is adequate.

Novice, Expert & Master Levels

With this platform, you will be able to begin at a basic level, one that will have simple assets, but as you being to go up in the levels, there will be more assets available which you will be able to trade as you please. There are three levels: Novice, Expert, and Master. The Novice Level comes along with free signals, three open traders, leaderboard multiplier x1, three currency pairs, and several brokers. The minimum deposit required is $250.00. The Expert Level, which the favorite of traders, comes accompanied by auto-trading, partly advanced settings, unlimited open trades, leaderboard multiplier x2, nine currency pairs, and multiple brokers. The minimum deposit required in order to take advantage of this level is $500.00. Last but not least, there is the Master Level, which provides you with VIP customer support, advanced settings, unlimited open trades, leaderboard multiplier x3, 17 currency pairs, and multiple brokers. A deposit of $1,000.00 is required to benefit from this level. These levels are all great, but the team recommends that you opt for the FXMasterBot Novice Level first if you have little experience in the trading field. By doing so, you will be able to learn a lot and thus move up the ladder and benefit from FXMasterBot Master and FXMasterBot Expert levels within a short period of time.

How Does the FXMasterBot Function?

When you choose the FXMasterBot download option, you will find out as to why many traders are saying that with this platform trading the markets has never been more facile. With this method, there is no need for a degree in finance, have lunches with a top trader, or the need to have an internship at a trading house. The official website of this platform mentions that once you give it a shot, it will be your next best friend, as it will facilitate tasks that you conduct in the markets.

Indeed, the name of it is quite different from the names of other systems. The FX goes hand in hand with the foreign exchanges that most traders opt to trade in. The Master is due to it being created to accumulate knowledge and thus conduct all the difficult work for every client. The Bot is due to it being exactly that . . . a bot that is ready to aid you as much as you need. It is a robot specifically structured to aid in making profits by trading. It is able to simplify tasks so that you can worry about other important things going on in life.

By conducting at least the minimum deposit with the forex broker selected, most members begin their journey at the Novice Level. When you choose this level, you will select between the many FX trading options that are available. You will be able to set limits on losses and profits, opt for auto-trading mode, approve trades, and decide the maximum and the minimum number of trades that should be performed in a day. Yes, you have full control of everything that occurs on it. So far, the FXMasterBot results have been very positive for members.

As a client’s confidence and knowledge begin to augment in the trading arena, the client will be able to easily upgrade to Expert Level and then Master Level. As you go higher on the level ladder, there will be more settings available that you will be able to adjust in order for everything to meet your needs and wants in every aspect. Clients are able to enjoy more challenges when it comes to testing options.

There are some traders who believe that it is very difficult to be a master in this field; therefore, many believe it takes years for this to come to pass, but this is very far from reality. You just need the adequate aid. The FXMasterBot is the perfect example of a system that shows you the way to greatness. You can start off with no experience whatsoever, and within a short period of time, you can become a master, one that many would look up to.

The FXMasterBot Team

This team is one of the best ones around. It a team that is always looking for ways to make their platform better than it already is, conducting updates to integrate innovative solutions that are very simple to comprehend and thus gets the hang of. It is a team that stands behind every detail stated on the website that promotes this trading option. These experts have an improved level of superb customer service that permits clients to take their trading journey into their own hands.

Is FXMasterBot a Scam?

The fxmasterbot scam is not what this system is. The FXMasterBot testimonials, which include FXMasterBot YouTube videos, reflect on how fantastic this method is. There are numerous positive reviews, as it simply works just like the team mentions on its official website. All you will see on that site are actual facts. There no fake aspect about it, which is why so many people have tried it and thus have not regretted it.

How Do I Join FXMasterBot?

In order to obtain an FXMasterBot membership, you will first have to register. It is very easy to join. All you have to do is enter a few personal details on the box that is located at the top of the homepage. Once you do so, you will be required to make a deposit, because even though the FXMasterBot price is non-existent because it is free, a deposit is still required to begin trading. There are several depositing methods that are 100% secure. You can make a deposit using major credit cards, as well as PayPal. If you encounter an issue, do not worry. There is always a customer service representative ready to help you.

Trade in Forex Markets Profitably? Checkout FxMasterBot ?

Join Fx Master Bot- The Best Forex Auto Trading System of 2020 !!

Conclusion: FXMasterBot Has Helped Thousands of Men and Women Become Masters in the Trading Field !!

There are currently more than 10,000 traders benefiting from FXMasterBot. There have been more than 5,500 winning trades. There are more than ten brokers that you can connect with. The positive factors that structure this solution are quite immense. Do not take our word for it; go ahead and put the demo to good use so that you can see for yourself.

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