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Pethai Storm Crossed the Shore near Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh

Pethai Cyclone

The Pethai storm, which originated in the Bay of Bengal, crossed the border between Kakinada-Anam in Andhra Pradesh today.

The storm crossed the coast at a speed of 80 kilometres per hour winds. Because of this storm, the Kakinada coast is seen as windy air and sea was furious. Due to the storm passes, heavy rains continue in Kakinada, Yanam, Masulipattinam and Visakhapatnam.

The rain will continue for the next 24 hours, according to the Vijayawada Meteorological Center. As many as 22 trains have been cancelled in Andhra Pradesh as a precautionary measure.

East Godavari, West Godavari, Ongole, and Guntur areas have a high storm effect warns Meteorological Center. So the precautionary steps are speeded up.

Disaster rescue teams have been placed in various areas. 50 temporary camps have been set up in coastal districts.

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