Private Profits – Scam or Not

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The number of binary options automated trading system is growing rapidly and we make all the effort to review the most relevant systems that seem to get online visibility really fast. One of these trading programs is Private Profits Club, and we have to review it before any of our readers have some bad experiences with it. As always, the system says to be the best and the most efficient money-making method out there. Everyone knows that this is the same story we hear on every occasion when a new system is launched.

We are interested only in real facts, not in advertising clichés. Actually, our group of trading specialists isn’t so positive about it. Private Profits Club (or Chrono Trader) is apparently developed by a man known as Mark. Is he real? Does the program work? Let’s find out.

In the following research, we will examine every piece of info linked to this binary trading robot. These details will help us to make a final conclusion and to determine whether it’s genuine or not.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • The system is fully automated
  • Their webpage is user-friendly
  • There are no proven positive results
  • There is too little information about their product
  • The developer of the system seems to be anonymous

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is Private Profits Club?

We call the program with the first name, but there is a second alternative too – Chrono Trade. Sadly, we could not obtain more details about it, and not because we are not active research but simply because there is almost no significant info offered in their promotional page. This is quite dubious and we feel that the program is not special at all. Moreover, the developer seems to be anonymous. Would you trust a system that is made by a person who wants to stay incognito? All we know is that he is Mark. Well, there is also a short description of his past activity, but that’s about only 2 sentences without any evidence.

Based on our analysis, there exists a high chance for this binary trading system to be a fraud. Even so, because there is still too little info accessible online, we cannot point out our ultimate verdict with total certainty. Yet, we definitely cannot suggest this binary automated robot to our visitors as they would surely lose all of their investment once signing up with this unsafe and dubious program.

It would be much better to deal with a binary system that is genuine and was demonstrated to provide positive results. This can be the best method you may think of in order to reach your financial target.


How Does It Work?

The most troubling fact about this probably fraudulent money-making auto trading robot is that there’s no specific info on how their algorithm and the system works and how it can generate great returns. The only thing the potential clients are explained is that they will make about $250 each hour.

Moreover, there’s a special field on their official page where it is said that the individuals behind this binary system don’t want to reveal additional details with random folks that aren’t yet club members. But is it possible for someone to become a member of the club with such an attitude? Maybe we are not in a position to find the answer, but we can definitely state that Private Profits Club is a scam and our readers should stay away from working with it. All it can really do is to lose your hard-earned money.

Final Conclusion: Is Private Profits Club a Scam?

Based on our in-depth analysis, our team figured out that this automated trading system is probably unsafe. This product was not capable of making the advertised returns. Sadly, we can’t state with certainty that this system is genuine until there are positive comments from real traders.

Technology Profits Confidential – Scam or Legit? [Reviews]

Technology Profits Confidential website

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Interested in an honest review of Technology Profits Confidential ?

There are many Technology Profits Confidential reviews out there but which ones can you trust?

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding it, but also many people skeptical as to whether the bold claims are true, myself included!

That’s why today I’m sharing my honest review of Technology Profits Confidential to give you the real details.

Before I start…

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Technology Profits Confidential Review

Here is what we will cover inside this Technology Profits Confidential review:

Table of Contents

What Is Technology Profits Confidential?

So what is Technology Profits Confidential all about and can you trust it?

Most of us hope that one day we’d find a true source of wealth where we make big returns out of a small investment.

It may sound impossible at first but according to Technology Profits Confidential, this is indeed achievable.

Technology Profits Confidential is a detailed monthly rundown showing some of the latest investment opportunities in penny stocks and will help you jump into this investment strategy which can be very risky.

Technology Profits Confidential claims that by strategically investing in penny stocks, stockholders stand to make good money.

But if you consider yourself a novice in stock matters, then you probably need to know what a penny stock is.

A penny stock is a stock for a company that is in its earlier stages. People rarely know them, and they are usually cheap compared to other stocks.

A few years ago thanks to the film The Wolf Of Wall Street which was about the life of Jordan Belfort, penny stocks suddenly became something that everyone knew about because in the film he sells these stocks and makes a fortune doing it.

However they also have got a bad rep as terrible investments which is not necessarily true if you can pick the right ones which is where Technology Profits Confidential and Ray Blanco comes in.

Who is behind Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is an advisory investment report headed by Ray Blanco – an expert in finance and the stock market.

He is the editor of the advisory report and also a lead contributor to Technology Profits Daily.

Ray Blanco’s expertise plus experience working for public and private companies including his post as Agora Financial CTO continues to play a huge role in the establishment of top scientific solutions for investment opportunities.

How does Technology Profits Confidential work?

Technology Profits Confidential is a weekly/monthly online newsletter published by Agora Financial. The reports give subscribers comprehensive insights on the hottest penny stock tips currently in the market.

It’s similar to others I have reviewed recently including 10 Minute Millionaire newsletter.

Technology Profits Confidential has an annual fee of $50-$90, subscribers receive regular updates sent to the mailbox for this.

Technology Profits Confidential also further claims that you can invest in a share that can make you up to 195% profit in 9 months, 101% in about a year, or even a staggering 239% in only 4 months.

The above statement sounds bold but Technology Profits Confidential is not the first to make such attractive claims.

There is a huge number of weekly newsletters that promise to offer the best tips in the market in matters to do with investment in exchange of monthly or annual fees.

I have reviewed a number of these in the past such as the Kennedy Accounts and Total Wealth Insider and more recently Federal Rent Checks. There really is no shortage of these kind of offerings in the marketplace so you need to do your research to know that you are dealing with a legitimate operation and not a scam.

Is Technology Profits Confidential A Scam?

Two questions came to my head the moment I had my first encounter with Technology Profits Confidential.

Could this possibly work?

Is it a scam?

Since Technology Profits Confidential sounded too good to be true these are the questions that made me dig deeper to know if the service on offer here is really the real deal or not.

Research is key when it comes to online products or services, and I will remain to be an advocate for proper research before buying or subscribing online.

One of the positives is that Ray Blanco and Agora (the parent company behind this newsletter) are well known. They have been around for many years and are known as industry experts.

When you visit the Technology Profits Confidential website and enter your email to sign up for free, you’ll notice a timer winding down telling you that a special offer is available in the next 15 minutes.

To be honest this kind of sales tactic is a bit unethical in my mind, although I have absolutely no doubt that it works. The thing is, you don’t have 15 minutes. You could quite easily come back to the website at a later date and sign up.

This alone does not confirm that Technology Profits Confidential a scam but it’s simply in my opinion a red flag, not because of the product / service on offer but simply because it’s a sales tactic and not authentic.

That being said given the fact that Agora is behind Technology Profits Confidential that leads me to believe that this is not a scam, and you will be getting access to real information backed by various money back guarantees and a real company that have been around for many years in the financial space.

Benefits of Technology Profits Confidential

  • It takes as low as $50 to begin investing in penny stocks and the potential profits can get as high as 1000%. The site claims that sometimes it can surpass the 1000% margin
  • You’ll be protected from the harsh competition of the normal market where the big boys’ have the last say since they are not interested in penny dealings
  • Signing up for Technology Profits Confidential comes with a 12-month 100% money-back guarantee
  • Penny stocks are risky so getting help from professionals will help you avoid losses

Limitations of Technology Profits Confidential

  • Most people find it difficult to understand the details on penny stock investment. And in a world full of internet scammers it is almost impossible to believe that a $50 stake can result in thousands of dollars in a matter of months.

Technology Profits Confidential Conclusion

After taking a closer look I DO NOT believe that Technology Profits Confidential or Ray Blanco is a scam.

Fortunately, financial experts have proven that investing in the right penny stocks can truly bring huge returns for those willing to take the risk.

And since you have to risk it to get the biscuit, Technology Profits Confidential provides an exciting and innovative option for making money.

That being said it won’t happen overnight and you’ll need to be prepared to take risks in order to reap the rewards.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable way to make money consistently check out my “no.1 recommendation” below.

Before you leave

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The non-profit scam

THE NON-PROFIT sector in the U.S. is a complete scam. Hospitals and other agencies get special breaks on property and income taxes. They plough their earnings into expansion and massive salaries for top executives, just like for-profit companies do.

The competitive dynamic that forces each corporation to accumulate as much capital as possible applies to non-profits just as much as for-profits. Employees for non-profits do the work that produces the funds that pay the CEOs–and are often paid even less than employees at for-profit corporations. So exploitation of workers is often even greater at “non-profit” companies than at for profit companies.

KUOW, a public radio station, did a story on non-profit hospitals in Seattle on July 9: Nurses at “non-profit” Swedish hospital start at around $25 per hour ($50,000 per year) and housekeepers get only $12 an hour, while Swedish CEO Rod Hochman made $ 1.5 million in the first nine months of 2007 alone! Hochman also got $120,000 for relocation expenses, as well as $13,000 for other expenses.

But it’s not just Hochman–seven officials at Swedish made at least $1 million per year . Altogether, at least 15 Seattle-area non-profit hospital executives earned $1 million or more a year. These salaries come out of what is, in essence, profit made by the “non-profit” corporation. These high salaries continue as Swedish laid off 200 workers this year. Just like at for-profit companies, the people who do the real work get laid off and the ones who are left get overworked, while the CEOs accumulate more and more.

Workers at “non-profits” and public agencies deserve as much support and solidarity as any other workers. Workers as a whole produce the wealth–whether they work in for-profits, non-profits or government agencies. The wealth they produce keeps the whole economy going–to the benefit of the super-rich, whether they be CEOs or shareholders.

Management at non-profits try to sell workers on the idea that they are producing for the public good–so they should be willing to accept less money. Workers should reject this lying rationale that only serves the interests of management. They are actually working to line the pockets of the managers.

When workers rise up and take ownership and control of the economy they will have to transform the “non-profits” just as much as the “for-profits.” They will have to squeeze the profit out of both and create an economy based on human need–instead of one based on profit or “non-profit” accumulation.
Steve Leigh, Seattle

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