RingoTrade – Kyrgyzstan binary options broker review

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RingoTrade – trade binary options in Kyrgyzstan

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Review of well-known brokerage companies: RingoTrade

Despite the huge number of companies that provide access to trading assets in the global financial market, most traders prefer to work on well-known sites with high capitalization. And this choice is quite natural. These brokers can afford expensive advertising, they use the services of the best financiers, analysts and programmers. Also, do not forget that the activities of these companies are regulated by world-famous organizations. Each trader who has registered an account on these platforms, can have no doubt of their reliability and decency. But what about the owners of companies such as RingoTrade? About the broker, popular in Kyrgyzstan, many traders know practically nothing.

There is an opinion that if a company cannot or does not want to occupy its niche in the global financial market, it means that it is not yet ready to reach this level. Such an explanation quite suits popular brokers (the fewer competitors, the easier it is to attract new users). But ordinary traders do not have to agree with the above statement. Among novice brokers who do not have the capital to create and distribute advertising, you can find companies with very attractive terms of cooperation. And these will not be scammers, as many traders believe, but real participants in the global financial market who always fulfill their obligations. Consider this question in more detail.

Analysis of the main indicators of the company RingoTrade

The official website of RingoTrade claims that this service is the first binary options broker in Kyrgyzstan. Even with a superficial study of the site, we can conclude about the professionalism of its creators. Nothing more, each section of the service is designed to perform certain functions. Convenient interface allows you to quickly navigate and explore the structure of the resource, without assistance.

RingoTrade Security

The company in question uses classical methods to ensure the security of its clients, like any other binary options broker. These include:

● Keeping users’ funds in separate accounts.

в—Џ The use of automatic SSL transaction encryption system.

в—Џ Used for work RingoTrade application and other software services, which is constantly being tested and updated.

в—Џ In case of force majeure situations, the user of the trading platform may contact support representatives. They work around the clock, seven days a week. In order to contact the experts are provided: e-mail, online chat or phone.

RingoTrade Regulators

One of the main drawbacks of this service is the lack of licenses for the right to engage in financial activities issued by reputable organizations. Elimination of this negative factor will make it possible to significantly raise the company’s rating and reach a higher level of work in the global financial market. Many experienced traders are advised to register a login on RingoTrade, without fear of any trouble from the broker, despite the absence of these documents.

RingoTrade Training

The organizers of the presented project simply could not ignore the oriental temperament of their clients. In the capital of Kyrgyzstan, there are nearly a dozen brokerage clubs that ideally combine the ability to carry out financial operations with the traditions of this state. In such brokerage rooms, a novice trader can see how deals are made, what you need to know in order to correctly predict changes in the value of available assets, etc.

As for theoretical training, this issue is also given a lot of attention. Novice traders can complete a full course of study and then test their strength in practice using a demo account posted on RingoTrade.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Choice!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!!!

RingoTrade Terms & Conditions

General requirements for users who choose to work on this trading platform are not much different from the conditions of other brokers. The trader must register, deposit the required amount, choose the direction that is most interesting for him, and get to work.

General trading conditions Ringotrade

в—Џ The minimum deposit is $ 0.07 (or 5 Kyrgyz soms)

в—Џ Rate – 0.7 US dollars. (or 50 Kyrgyz som)

в—Џ The minimum amount for withdrawal is 1 som ($ 0.014).

в—Џ Account currency – Kyrgyz som.

в—Џ Types of options – higher / lower, touch, designer, combo options, classic options, turbo options or stepped.

в—Џ Potential trader’s profit is up to 92% for each successful transaction.

в—Џ Trade using mobile devices – provided.

в—Џ It is possible to work with popular cryptocurrencies.

How to deposit and withdraw money RingoTrade

After completing the course of training and training on demo accounts, the novice trader can replenish his trading account and start his first financial transaction. In the reviews compiled about RingoTrade, their authors argue that the Kyrgyz trading platform provides a wide range of ways to replenish the deposit:

в—Џ Bank transfers.

в—Џ Plastic cards of financial institutions.

Trading assets RingoTrade

When compiling RingoTrade reviews, many users of the resource pay little attention to the assets and tools that they used to conduct financial transactions. The administration of the trading platform assures that on the site, besides transactions with traditional currency pairs, you will have the opportunity to work with cryptocurrencies, stock indexes and material resources. The main thing is to know all the factors affecting the value of assets and never turn this business into a regular casino.

Binotrade – binary options broker review

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in Russia

Binary Trading Companies Review: Binotrade

Modern financial markets allow you to earn on them, even without special education and skills. But there are several important points that every potential trader should know about:

в—Џ In this business, the likelihood of losing your savings is higher than making decent money.

● Among decent brokers who provide access to liquid assets, there are many scammers and companies that use a wide variety of schemes to deceive their customers (the so-called “kitchens”, bookmakers, etc.).

в—Џ Among the feedback on the participants of the global financial market is a fairly large percentage of registered customers (competitors distribute negative information, and the owners of the company – positive).

в—Џ When compiling a general overview of the company you are interested in, consider objective information about it and the opinions of reputable analysts.

In order to better remember and understand how the above recommendations work, consider Binotrade, a binary options broker that does not belong to the “elite”. But, according to some of his clients, he may in the near future take a strong position in the global financial market, specializing in binary options.

What attracts a modest company Binotrade to Internet traders?

Practically in any field of activity the first thing that potential clients of the company pay attention to is its age. Is it logical I guess, yes. The more a broker works, the better he knows all the nuances, methods of making a profit, the capabilities of competitors, etc. But, in each case there are certain exceptions. For example, 10-15 years ago, talented specialists create a brokerage firm that very quickly becomes popular and brings a good income to owners. But after a certain time, the company is sold, and its new owners turn this object into a reliable source of profit using dubious, and sometimes completely illegal schemes. Therefore, the fact that Binotrade has been providing financial services only since 2020 is not proof that it is a suspicious and unreliable company.

Binotrade Security

But what are the real factors that prove that the broker cares about the safety of their clients?

1. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (the place of registration of the broker and the location of its headquarters), where many well-known companies have settled.

2. Created for Binotrade application and modern software ensures prompt data processing, as well as the protection of personal information and financial resources of customers.

3. Telephone, chat and e-mail allow each user to contact support representatives to resolve any issues related to the work of the service.

4. All funds of Binotrade clients are kept on segregated accounts in reliable financial and credit institutions.

5. The platform of this resource protects an international SSL Certificate, which nullifies the likelihood of unauthorized entry to the users of the service.

If the provided methods of protecting traders are not enough to easily register a login with Binotrade, study the mechanism of this brokerage company in more detail. It is worth paying attention to the following factors. The website administration has introduced mandatory user verification. This makes it possible to avoid the influence of fraudsters and scammers on the work of a broker. The agreement between users and representatives of Binotrade helps to eliminate any misunderstandings that may arise between them in the process.

Binotrade Regulators

The main disadvantage of this brokerage firm is the lack of regulators who issue licenses and documents that allow the provision of financial services. The administration of Binotrade explains this flaw by the fact that the company just physically does not have time (we recall, the broker was registered in 2020) to solve all the necessary issues. There is information that in the near future this broker will have licenses of one of the most authoritative world regulators – FCA and CySEC.

Training on Binotrade

In terms of training, the creators of the resource coped well with the task. On the site, every potential client (from a novice to an advanced trader) will find a lot of useful information.

в—Џ Teaching. The client learns the terminology, the basics of the financial markets and the site presented, studies the influence of various factors on the asset price, learns to make elementary forecasts based on economic and political news.

в—Џ Advanced. Learn things that every professional should know (indicators, technical analysis, options trading, strategies, etc.).

в—Џ Expert. The knowledge that is needed not only by practicing traders, but also by theorists involved in the analysis and identification of patterns in the binary options market, taking into account various possible factors and in non-standard conditions.

The demo account developed at Binotrade allows you to complete a practical course of preparing work on a binary options service without spending a penny of personal savings for this purpose.

What rules Binotrade every trader should know

Studying the reviews compiled about Binotrade, we can conclude that their authors focus on the rules of working on these resources. And this is the right approach, which has repeatedly proved its practicality, both for novice traders, and for their more experienced colleagues. Based on this information, you can make a personal opinion about the resource, as well as understand how this site is suitable for each individual user.

Binotrade Trading Terms

в—Џ The minimum deposit amount is $ 10.

в—Џ Minimum / maximum bid – 1 and 1000 $.

в—Џ Profit from a successful transaction – up to 94%.

в—Џ Currencies of the trading account – Russian ruble and US dollar.

в—Џ Welcome bonus – there is.

в—Џ Auto trading and PAMM accounts – none.

в—Џ The withdrawal fee is absent.

в—Џ The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 500.

Binotrade Deposit and withdrawal

When compiling a Binotrade report, many experts are surprised at the relatively small number of ways to replenish a deposit and withdraw funds.

в—Џ Plastic cards (VISA / MasterCard).

в—Џ Yandex money.

Binotrade Assets

The main assets of this binary options broker are currency pairs, precious metals, and popular cryptocurrencies.

ZoomTrader – Binary Options Broker Review

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Review of famous binary options brokers: ZoomTrader

The choice of a trading platform to gain access to the assets of the global financial market for each trader has its own characteristics. Someone trusts the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, others do a full analysis of the companies interested in them, there are also traders who always check the reliability of the broker, examining its possibilities with the help of a free demo account. The latter may not even pay attention to such indicators as company rating, user reviews, the number of real customers, etc. This approach allows you to find companies that are strong enough in their industry that are not as popular as global financial market participants known to most traders. . Among them are the binary options broker ZoomTrader. The platform, which in many respects is ahead of the more well-known competitors and allows its users to get a stable profit without fear of fraud on the part of the broker.

Why ZoomTrader Attracts Traders’ Attention

The company was registered in the UK in 2020. ZoomTrader is considered one of the strongest trading platforms among binary options brokers. The administrators of the web resource instantly react to any changes in the global financial market and promptly introduce new technologies, strategies for binary options and other innovations that may interest potential users.


В The unique trading platform and the application developed for ZoomTrader allow traders to not be afraid of failures in the platform and not worry about the safety of personal information and money. SSL encryption protocols, which have proven their reliability in practice, are used by the platform administration as an additional way to protect client transactions.

Experts in the field of online trading claim that the company is in the category of leaders in terms of speed and quality of the broker’s support service. The user of the resource can count on any help (associated with trading binary options) professionals 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. To contact support representatives you can use: email, phone or a special form on the broker’s web resource.


Another strength of the company is its training materials posted on the official website. The broker has done everything possible so that a beginner, with a zero level of training, after completing a course on his web resource, can freely trade on the world financial market and earn decent money on this.

By registering a login on ZoomTrader, a new broker client receives the right to download training materials that will help him understand the structure and mechanism of functioning of financial markets. Also on the company’s website there is a special analytical section, an economic calendar, and those who want to get deeper knowledge can use the services of the educational center. The organizers of this project have provided the opportunity to study the deals of the most successful traders. This feature allows you to significantly increase the income of users who are able to analyze profitable financial transactions.

The demo account provided on ZoomTrader is used by novice traders as a tool for practical training. Unfortunately, it is not available to all users, but only to account holders of Gold and Silver (users with a Bronze account are deprived of this opportunity). The presented curriculum allows working on the trading platform in the same way as in real conditions, using virtual currency instead of cash. A trader gains practical skills without risking his own savings.


One of the main drawbacks of the company in question is the lack of a regulatory organization, which negatively affects the rating of the trading platform. This institution controls the observance of financial legislation, and if necessary resolves disputes between the trader and the broker.

Characteristics of ZoomTrader: Key Parameters

As mentioned above, there are 3 types of accounts on this trading platform:

The main differences between them are the size of the deposit (check on the official website), the percentage of the welcome bonus and the number of services provided (professional manager, demo account, trading signals, etc.).

Trading Conditions

Analyzing the reviews prepared on ZoomTrader (compiled during the last year), the following indicators relevant for traders can be highlighted:

в—Џ The minimum deposit is $ 250.

в—Џ The minimum trading rate is $ 5.

в—Џ Available profit percentage – 83%.

в—Џ Type of trading – short-term, long-term, one-touch, call put, return.

в—Џ Affiliate program – yes.

в—Џ The first deposit bonus – yes.

в—Џ Individual consultation with the analyst – yes.

в—Џ Currency accounts – British pound, euro, US dollar.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

In order to learn how to enter / withdraw money in this situation, you don’t even have to read reviews written about ZoomTrader. The list of available methods is posted on the official website of the broker, and you will see it at the bottom of the page, regardless of the selected section of the web resource.

в—Џ Credit and debit bank cards (Maestro, Visa and MasterCard).

в—Џ Transfers through banking institutions.

Broker assets

In addition to the above options, broker clients also have access to other operations with the following groups of assets:

в—Џ Currency pairs (Forex).

в—Џ Stock exchange indices.

в—Џ Precious metals.

в—Џ Raw materials.

Based on the above data, we can conclude that the broker may be of interest to many traders. Experienced players will find here a lot of interesting trade offers (do not forget that the company is developing at a high rate), and beginners will get the necessary knowledge and in practice will be able to check how ready they are for financial transactions with real money.

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