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SafeGuard Trader Review – Another Scam Software!!

If you’re wondering that the Safeguard Trader software is a good trading system, and it will help you in earning some significant profit, then you’re wrong. It is another SCAM, and we recommend you to read this SafeGuard Trader review.

The presentation of Safeguard Trader is presented in such a manner that anyone who wants to earn money easily and quickly start believing in the promises made by David Hefner. Unfortunately, while we were going deep research on Safeguard Trader, we found that this trading software is a SCAM full of fake promises whose aim is to make a fool of innocent traders.

Safeguard Trader Software Review

Safeguard Trader software has no algorithm or formula that helps you in winning trades. In reality, it is an automated fake robot who aim is to take your money away from you. We are feeling sorry for the users who already spent their money in this SCAM, but the guys who are reading this review are lucky as after reading this review you will find the reality of this SCAM trading software.

In the upcoming paragraph, you’re going to read everything you need to know about Safeguard Trader, which includes some confusing facts and proofs against this binary options trading system. So without wasting no second why don’t you start reading about it:

What is Safeguard Trader?

Safeguard Trader is a trading software that assures you $33k in a day. It is created by David Hefner who also call himself CEO of The software is designed in such a manner that anyone can easily make thousands of dollars in just one day. He also shared that he just want to give an opportunity to ten new users who will become multi-millionaire by the last day of the month.

Of course, we also want to earn high profits, but not using Safeguard Trader when we already know that it is SCAM. Even experienced traders who are into this business for a long time will call it a SCAM after reading just above paragraph. We also know that there are users still believe Safeguard Trader is a Genuine and help them in making money.

Why is Safeguard Trader is a SCAM?

To satisfy these users, we have gathered a list of Proofs against the Safeguard Trader software that are sufficient to call it a SCAM. Here goes the first one:

Fake CEO

David Hefner, the alleged creator of the Safeguard Trader, who assure you $33k in a day, is fraud guy. Even we don’t need any proof to verify this because a few days back we exposed the trading system called GPS Trader, and so-called Mr. David Hefner was the presenter of that SCAM. In GPS trader his name was Richard Hefner. As we all know the GPS trader was worst SCAM in trading history so there is no point believing Safeguard Trader a Genuine trading system as both the trading program is managed by the same SCAMMER.

Limited Spot Available Strategy

Like other fake trading software’s SafeGuard Trader is also using confined spots available strategy on their site The aim of adding this into this trading software to attract more users toward Safeguard Trader. In this trading system, David Hefner needs just ten users that soon will become a millionaire.

Unfortunately, from last three days, we were tracking this trading system and found that more than 15 users already reported that they had been scammed. If ten spots are available, then where these new five users invested their money?

$33k a Day is a Joke

We have already shared lots of reviews of the binary options trading software’s but no one assures you this much in just one day, then what special they are doing, that other trading system failed to do? Safeguard Trader is a SCAM and due to this reason, they are offering this much amount so that more users create an account on this fake trading software. These fraudsters know that there are users who want to become rich overnight and these offering work as bait just like we use peanut butter to caught mice.

Similar to GPS Trader SCAM

We have already exposed the GPS trader in our previous reviews who is also managed by the same user but with the different name.

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If you check the pitch video, there is a screenshot showing that he has 52 million dollars in the accounts and now if you look at the left side you will find his name Richard, not David. For your information, Richard is the name which he utilized in GPS Traders.

This thing proves that he is using the same screenshot in both the SCAM systems.

Fake Safeguard Trader Team

Like GPS Trader, Safeguard Trader also have the team of fraudulent traders; Now we have already proved that the alleged CEO doesn’t exist in a real life and using a FAKE name to SCAM people, then why on earth we trust the trader team of this trading system.

So we guarantee that Josh Hefner, Steve Robinson, Peet Den Heyer, Helen Palmer, and Michael O’Leary all of them are fake.

Disturbing Reviews on the Internet

Before examining any trading system, we also check popular trading forums and site to confirm that proofs which we found while doing our deep research are genuine. All the sites and forums are full of negative reviews in just three days.

After this, we don’t have a single doubt in our mind that Safeguard Trader software is a SCAM.

Our Opinion

We have provided you enough proofs which confirm that it is another fake trading system which is created by a well-known scammer, and his Safeguard Trader is also a SCAM. So please avoid using it.

In case, you still want to invest in Safeguard Trader, go ahead. We would love to listen to your feedback in the comments. If you are looking for more such scam software’s, you can check out our Binary Options Scam page.

Safe Guard Trader SCAM! – SafeGuard Trader Review!!

Binary Options Doctor is posting this critical Scam, Review and warn traders about the SafeGuard Trader software. These scammers continue utilizing the same performing artists to hawk their frightful applications. However, this time, we have caught them in the act and uncovered their shabby strategies. We likewise, saw that email marketing is the favored strategy for correspondence for these sham craftsmen. So, beware of this type of email invitations which can mislead you and make you fall into the trap.

From the look of things, we can say with certainty that SafeGuard Trader framework is yet another trick being taken on the appearance of a genuine binary robot. Master traders know about these little tricks that con artists play on newbie traders. You don’t need any experience to discover that SafeGuard Trader programming is a scam. All the void guarantees which show up the pipe dream. This is a ridiculous trading software we have ever analyzed. We can, in this way, say with 100% sureness that these men, Richard Hefner, John Hefner, Steve Robinson and whatever is left of the team are a fanciful production of the fraudsters. It particularly gets horrid when you wind up borrowing on the web and discovering nothing identified with their professional profiles.

What is SafeGuard Trader?

The SafeGuard Trader signal By David Hefner is a Top Rated Binary Options Trading Signal system. It trades fully on autopilot for SafeGuard Trader clients. The SafeGuard Trader App is 100% online Binary Trading APP and works in a mechanized way. No uncommon information required. No establishment required. All SafeGuard Trader Binary Options trading operations are executed consequently without human impedance. And SafeGuard Trader setup is taking not exactly Less Than 60 seconds. This SafeGuard Trader Software has recently been propelled Today By David Hefner. For the primary users, David Hefner is enlisting beta testing users from everywhere throughout the world to avail the extraordinary elements of SafeGuard Trader Software.

Fake SafeGuard Trader CEO Exposed!!

Above all else, the affirmed CEO of the SafeGuard Trader David Hefner is a surely understood binary trading trickster. He has represented many scams under various names. Each time he is offering different binary scams for free that is making new tycoons! Trust it or not, you will never get anything from this software. Additionally, all the presentation video with costly lifestyle is a part of acting. We, as a whole, realize that acting is not genuine. So by getting persuaded to agree to the SafeGuard Trader App, you will sentence your brokerage account to demolition. Your life will never change until you use a bogus and fake software like the SafeGuard Trader.

The same CEO, fellow benefactor, and designers of the purported Safeguard Trader site can’t answer an exceptionally basic question that everybody is inquiring. Traders need to know whether without a doubt what they are stating is valid.

The SafeGuard Trader: The Same old story

There is a common scam story that once someone was a great Wall Street Trader. He then invented a signal software that never loses. He is offering the software to the people for free. You will become a millionaire even within a few months. Then they show some testimonial videos and bank account screenshots to make you convince their story. Dear readers, consider these points we mentioned above and you can find a scam software.

The SafeGuard Trader program claims that their software has never lost any trades. That means the success rate of the Safeguard Trader is 100%. As a binary options trader, we guarantee you never win every time. You have to lose some trades. You just need to keep your success ratio over the loss ratio. That’s how binary trading works. Even the legendary trader Warren Buffett can’t guarantee 100% winning. So this claim is misleading.

You ought to, thusly, figure out how to become an educated trader regardless of the possibility that you’re a novice. This shady SafeGuard Trader producer and some surveys claim that it will continually make you $33,000 consistently, which is a major untruth. We have additionally understood that the farfetched offer of utilizing it for nothing as a part of 30 days and paying a commission of 1% of your benefits from that point is just intended to delude you. It makes you trust this crappy programming and its adequacy. Never succumb to this trap.

Decision: The Safe Guard Trader is a SCAM!

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The Safeguard Trader Review – Can You Make $33,000 Every Day?

WOULD YOU be willing to try a trading app that mathematically never cannot lose a single trade? And what if I say that it will make you at least $33,000 every single day without exception?

Would you be interested?

Well, The Safeguard Trader Review here is about that app. Read the detailed review, and you will see what the app exactly is and what it does for you. And whether it can make you $33,000 per day or not?

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Quick Summary

Name: Safeguard Trader App
Safeguard Trader login:
Safeguard Trader Disclaimer:
Niche: Binary Options Trading
Price: The Safeguard Trader app is free. Minimum required deposit: $250
Skill level: Beginner (Note! Plain lie.)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

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Full Review – The Safeguard Trader Review

The Narrative

DAVID HEFNER, the CEO and founder of the SafeGuard Trader, was previously a system developer for Garmin Ltd., a GPS company in Kansas. His brother Josh, however, was one of those Wall Street sharks who made comfortable seven figures a year by trading binary options.

One day, Josh came to David and asked if it were possible to use Global Satellite Communication technologies in his binary options trading; and if David could write him such trading software.

That’s what they did. Josh understood binary options, and David understood the speed and quality of data. Together they developed new trading software, which they called Safeguard Trader App.

According to David, its unparalleled speed and quality of information backed up with the SafeGuard Counter Trade Protocol are the qualities that raise their baby above other auto-trading software.

And the best of all, their technology makes it mathematically impossible to lose even a single trade. Wow!

To prove it, David has given ten random people free access to his trading software. And then to another ten people, and another ten people. All of them make a minimum $33,000 each and every day and without a single exception.

Those who started a month ago are millionaires by now.

This is where you come in. Because today (more of this in a minute), David Hefner gives the last ten people free access to his Safeguard Trader app.

Tomorrow, the app will hit the market with a hefty price tag – $9997 setup + $1997 per month.

How to Make Money With Safe Guard Trader

What should you do to make $33,000 every day? According to David Hefner, the whole process is ridiculously simple:

  1. Complete the signup form (name and email)
  2. Download the Safeguard Trader App
  3. Set the Safeguard Trader App to “Auto trade.”

That’s it. Or is it?

There is something else you need to do:

  1. Register a new trading account with the broker of THEIR choice
  2. Fund your newly created account with a minimum $250.

Only now you can start trading with them.

Is it a safe trip, though?

Their Promises to You

I have seen different Binary Options scams, but to be honest, until today, I had never seen such “brave” promises.

Take a look and see if you agree with me (notice the last four ones):

  • The Safeguard Trader is the most potent auto-trading software in the world
  • For you, it is 100% risk-free
  • It is 100% legal and 100% ethical
  • They give you free access to the Safeguard Trader App
  • You can profit with Safeguard Trader even if you have zero previous experience
  • The Safeguard Trader has 100% strike-rate, and it’s mathematically impossible to lose even a single trade
  • It makes you at least $1375 per hour
  • At least $33,000 per day income stream for life – GUARANTEED!
  • You will make at least $1 million in the next 31 days – Guaranteed

With these last two promises in the list, they give you their bulletproof guarantee that you will make at least $33,000 each and every day for life (it means a million USD a year). That’s how it will be going to be, and there’ll be a zero chance of any other outcome.

Well, that is quite a jaw-dropping statement, isn’t it?

Here’s how: If the software fails to make you $33,000 a day and there will be a shortfall, they will adjust it so that you will get your $33,000:

Wow! That is impressive, do you agree? In other words, you cannot lose – With NO exception whatsoever, every next day, you will be $33,000 richer. Every subsequent month you will be close to $1 million richer.

It will be a dream come true, right?

Why? Keep reading, and I will show you.

Why the Safeguard Trader is a Scam

Scam Alert #1: David Hefner is a Fictional Character

David Hefner, the CEO and founder of the Safeguard Trader, is a fictional character played by the same actor found in the promotional video of the GPS Trader.

First, there are absolutely no traces of him on the internet. If you are such a top-notch scientist, you surely leave at least some trails behind. This David Hefner, however, is like a phantom guy.

And, if you did not know, the name David Hefner belongs to the youngest son of famous Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy.

Scam Alert #2: Plain Lies

First, their claim that The Safe Guard Trader has 100% strike-free and for the app, it is mathematically impossible to lose even a single trade.

This guy, as much as I see (and I have a degree in maths), can’t do even elementary school math – I’ve never seen so many mathematical contradictions before as I met here.

And, he obviously does not understand what the term “mathematically impossible” means. Or he would not talk such nonsense in the first place.

Put simply; there’s NO such software in the world that trades with a 100% winning rate (without losing a single trade). In any event, it’s not merely unrealistic; it is downright impossible.

Therefore, when someone talks about having such an app, he is either lunatic or deliberately into deception.

Scam Alert #3: Fake Security Badges

The Security badges like McAfee Security, Symantec, GeoTrust, SSL Secure Connection, etc., seen in their website are fake non-clickable images:

What does it mean to you is their site is not even protected. And you (when doing business with them) are not protected either.

Scam Alert #4: False Claim that Binary Options is for Inexperienced People

Here’s what that fake David Hefner tells you in his video:

Do you know why this is a lie? Because polar opposite to what he claims here, Binary Options trading IS NOT safe for inexperienced people. Read here why.

Not only that. Their disclaimer, the Safe Guard Trader Full Risk Disclosure ( makes it plain clear as well:

Scam Alert #5: Fake Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in the mind of a potential customer is one of the most useful tricks in a marketer’s toolbox. Why? Because people are afraid to lose good things. And they are massively frustrated when they lose something extraordinary.

So what the authors of the Safeguard Trader app do? They try to create a false sense of urgency in your mind.

They tell you that there are only eight spots available and today is your last chance to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

Another 5 minutes of cheesy sales talk and guess what?

They put you into a panic mode. You must act. And act FAST!

Look at these messages below:

The last one is particularly interesting. Because The SafeGuard Trader and GPS Trader should be two different binary options apps.

However, they belong in the same family of scams, and even their video is using the same actor. And as you can see, they forgot to change the name of the app in the video.

Anyway, you got the message, didn’t you? Today is the very last day. Tomorrow is “Game Over” for you.

Now comes the funniest part of all this:

Can you imagine!

The whole video was shot in 2020, and he’s talking about reaching your financial goals in 2020?

What that means is all the talk about “today,” “tomorrow,” “your last chance,” “the final day,” “2 spots remaining,” etc., is outright lies. There is an unlimited number of free spots available – come whenever you want. All the drama is to persuade you to sign up and surrender your $250 to them at once.

Scam Alert #6: Fake Testimonials

Here’s one lucky Safe Guard Trader user – Bill Berryman – sharing his joy on Facebook:

Can you see the obvious problem here?

That Bill Berryman should have made £237,400 minimum. If he is boasting about making £10,223.17 in 9 days (meaning £1,139.9 a day), then I ask – where are their adjustments and guaranteed $33,000 each and every day?

Their whole website is lying through their teeth. Disgusting!

The second problem with their social media comments is this – They are fabricated templates used by many different scam sites. See this comment, given to SafeGuard Trader site:

And now look at this (given to another scam site):

Any similarities between these two?

Final Verdict

As I have shown you above, The SafeGuard Trader App is nothing but another scam in the long list of binary options scams. These cyber-pirates talk your head off to separate you from your hard-earned money.

Listen! Everything you see and hear on their website is fabricated. It is designed to cheat, deceive, and trick you 1) into registering with them and 2) funding your trading account. Please be forewarned before making a costly mistake – Most probably you will never see that money again!

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What About You?

After reading the Safeguard Trader Review, what do you think? Is it a genuine opportunity for inexperienced people to start making money online or not?

Please drop me a comment below.

Want to make money online?

My name is Egon and I am the owner of I am a devout husband and a father of 4. Also a former missionary to Indonesia where I worked as an IT, Math, and Sci teacher; in schools that served the poor.
Now I am committed to combating online scams and helping those who want to make *honest* income online.
If you’re interested, just pop over here. You’re in for a treat.


Hi Egon,
I appreciate your findings and review of the Safeguard Trader App.
Well detailed analysis and facts. You have done your research.
There are a lot of scams out there and your site offers smart insight on what to avoid. Keep up the good work and I will follow your future advice.

Thank you for taking time and dropping me few lines. It’s encouraging, sir :)

It is just mind-blowing how widespread the plague of such scams is. Just unbelievable. The saddest part is, of course, that they rip off thousands (or millions) of innocent people. Terrible!

I give my two cents to raise awareness about online scams and protect people from falling victims.

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