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See the 2019’s Super Snow Moon Today

Super Snow Moon

The most magnificent, brightest Super Snow Moon in the year 2019 is visible to people on earth today.

The moon visible today in the United States is called ‘Super Snow Moon’. This name is meant for the Winter Season in the United States. Astronomers say the size of the moon today is 15 to 30 percent larger than usual.

What is Super Snow Moon or Supermoon?

The Moon is close to its perigee, which is the closest point in its orbit to Earth. This means the full Moon appears brighter and bigger than other full Moons throughout the year. This is known as Supermoon.

Where to See?

This super moon can be seen from all the countries on earth. Especially, in the cities of India such as Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore can see this Super Moon directly from the eye. The Super Moon can be seen at 9.30 pm on February 19th, today at Indian time.

Similarly, at the time of the moon disappears in the early morning, the appearance of the super moon will look very beautiful.

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