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7 Years Old Boy – Making Million Dollars by Reviewing Toys in YouTube

Forbes magazine has published a list of high-income earners internationally, through the social network YouTube. In the United States, a 7-year-old boy, Ryan Binny, who has been criticized for many dollars in the world, has surprised everyone.

The boy, Ryan, who earned Rs 70 crore last year, has earned 155 million rupees in the list, making his debut in 2018. When Ryan was 4 years old, in 2015, 'Ryan Toys Review' was launched by YouTube channel. In this, Ryan criticizes children's sports items. His criticism, which attracted a lot of attention, has led to a huge number of sports items, hit 'Hit'. Ryan's videos have gone up 26 billion times so far.

Ryan's YouTube channel has 1.7 crore subscribers. Ryan made a record of 155 million rupees in 2018, just by reviewing and releasing sports items.

To honour him, Walmart has recently started a separate section to sell toys and clothes in the name of 'Ryan World'. Through this, Walmart has stated that the company's revenue is growing.

Since Ryan is 7 years old now, this money can not be taken now totally. 15 percent of total cash will now go to his bank account. It can be taken after he grew up. The remaining money can now be spent by him.

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