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Country’s 10 Intelligence Agencies, including the CBI, permitted to view System Information and Intelligence

Spy on Computer - CBI

The federal government has given approval to 10 central institutions of the country from National Security Agency to CPI to monitor any computer data in the country.

The Central Government has authorized all activities including monitoring and intercepting information stored on any computer up to personal corporations to further empower the country's major intelligence and investigative agencies.

Accordingly, the CBI, Enforcement Directorate, National Security Agency (NIA), Federal Direct Taxation (CBDT), Revenue Intelligence Unit (DRI), Narcotics, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), and Intelligence (IB), The Commissioner (Delhi), Signal Intelligence Unit for Jammu & Kashmir, North East States and Assam has grant permitted. The Ministry has provided as a result, these systems can be used to spy on any computer system without any permission.

The Information Technology Act has been clarified in accordance with Section 69 (a) of the 2000 Act that such orders can be issued in view of the country's security, sovereignty and crimes prevention.

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