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Google has No Political Discrimination in the Organization – Explains Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai

Google has complained as it plans to launch a new search engine in China and behaves discriminatory to political parties in the US. In this regard, Sundar Pichai appeared before the US parliamentary inquiry committee yesterday. Sundar Pichai explained that Google has not acted with political discrimination and that Google has been working on all forms of commenting.

If you type as stupid in English then what is the reason why the US president is named after Trump? The question raised. Sundar Pichai responded by saying that Google did not make such a mistake, comparing it to the words in circulation in the present environment, adding to its use and public records, adding to the words in the search engine.

Similarly, for the question "Is there Google has a plan to start a new search engine in China?" Sundar Pichai replied that there is no plan to start a Chinese search engine immediately. Do you acknowledge the UN Human Rights Organization's claim that the role of social networks is important in the genocide case against the Rohingya Muslims? And the first Indian American woman, Ms Pramila Jayapal, questioned him. Sundar Pichai said that hatred and violence-motivating concepts, the recording of Google's audit.

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