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Reliance Jio Now Charges for Rival Network Voice Calls

Reliance Jio Hike for Rival Networks

Ever since for the first time, Reliance Jio announced that they will charge for voice calls made on other mobile networks. Yes, the customers will now have to pay money for all rival network outgoing calls as 6 paise/minute. To compensate this charge, the company promised the users by giving free data upon every IUC recharge plans.

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Interconnect Usage Chart (IUC) Policy

The interconnect usage chart policy is nothing but the policy that should be followed by the telecom networks whenever their users made a call to rival networks. It was framed by the telecom regulator TRAI. As per the new IUC policy, the Jio today announced this news to their customers. It was first-ever shocking news from Jio that they are starting charging for customers for every non-jio outgoing calls.

Jio IUC Tariff Plans

Plan 1
Rs. 10 for 124 IUC minutes with 1 GB free data.

Plan 2
Rs. 20 for 249 IUC minutes with 2 GB free data.

Plan 3
Rs. 50 for 656 IUC minutes with 5 GB free data.

Plan 4
Rs. 100 for 1,362 IUC minutes with 10 GB free data.

Reliance Jio also said that the voice call to other jio users and internet calls are still free. They can only use the IUC recharge plan if they wish to make calls to rival networks. These free data included IUC plan is to make sure that there is no increase in the tariff. Previously users need to pay Rs. 21 for 1 GB data. But now, it is Rs. 10 only. This new tariff plan starts from tomorrow for new customers and for old customers this will automatically apply from their next recharge.

TRAI IUC Policy Expires on Jan 2020

In the year 2017, the TRAI reframed the IUC policy as a maximum of 6 paise per minute for rival network voice calls from 12 paise per minute. But, the policy will come to the expiry period by the end of Jan 2020. So, the TRAI is planning whether to extend this policy or reframe to a new policy.

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