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Indonesia Tsunami Attack: Death toll rises to 429

Indonesia Tsunami

In Indonesia, the number of death for tsunami attack increased to 429.

In Indonesia, the Sunda Strait is located between Java and Sumatra Island. Following the eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano present in that place, the land layer straight under the sea moved.

Due to the sudden movement of land layers, the tsunami severely hits the Serang, the Pandeglang, and the South Lumbung areas of the country. The main tourist attractions, including the Tanjung Leisure beach resort located on the western side of the island of Java, have collapsed.

Over 40 thousand houses were drowned in water. More than 1.5 lakh families have been sheltered in rescue camps.

281 people were reported dead. The disaster agency reported that more than a thousand people were injured. Rescue operations were ongoing in the affected areas. In this case, the death toll has risen to 429.

According to the National Disaster Management Team, many people have suffered from mental illness and about 154 people are missing.

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